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Toby Whitney for Congress

A Grassroots Campaign for WA-08

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I’m a progressive who knows how to get things done in Congress. I worked on the healthcare reform votes when I was a congressional staffer and I was a specialist in national security. I’m for healthcare for everyone (not just “access,” but actually having it). College has to be affordable–and community college should be free–as part of an all-of-the-above strategy for the economic mobility of the middle class and working class. I think Trade agreements need to create American jobs. I’m strongly pro-choice. I used to work for the Congressional Budget Office and I care about deficits. We should pay our bills. I’m also a strong internationalist — we need good relationships with our allies and an energetic response to Russia and China when they are acting against American interests. Like my neighbors in the 8th District I don’t think a regulation or tax is the solution to every problem. I’m a progressive Democrat with practical common sense.

– Toby Whitney